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Last weekend, I discovered that I had a first edition copy of Stephen R. Covey's book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. When it was first published, back in 1989, the book was promoted with advanced praise. When Stephen Covey published the book, I'm sure that he dreamed that it might become a best seller. However, I doubt that he truly comprehended that it was going to lead him to create what would become a billion dollar empire. I wonder, how close are you to achieving a l
Good morning all, Most of us here joined Wealthy Affiliate because we want to build an online business. Wealthy Affiliate teaches us how to create and operate a marketing business. The focus is on building an affiliate marketing business. Although Kyle gets us to think about things that are commonly found in a formal business plan, this is not a business planning course. If someone in the United States wants to take a business planning course, I recommend they check the courses that are offer b
My favorite post that Kyle wrote last year was about website traffic being like a mountain, a stream and a river. Basically, when we start a new website, our website's traffic stream will be tiny. The fish (income) will be nonexistent because the stream of traffic is too small to support any fish. It like we are standing at the top of a mountain, looking at a small trickle of water. Yet as time goes by, that little bitty trickle of water or website tr
Everyday, I try to read a little to keep up with what is going on with my niches and interests. This morning I stumbled across an excellent report, "The 2017 North American Camping Report," about people that enjoy camping in the United States and Canada. Here is the link: Kampgrounds of America (KOA) paid a consulting firm to conduct this study. If you niche is related to camping or the RV lifestyle, this report contains a lot of valuable information
People frequently ask, "How long will it be before I start earning money with affiliate marketing?" As a former CPA, I tend to be conservative. I generally suggest that it may take a couple of years. Yet, this morning I was personally encouraged by the stories of two WA members that have done very well in less than a year. ------- First: The importance of being financially conservative. My story. As far as I go, I haven't focused and followed the training as well as I should have. S
I am nearing my one year anniversary at Wealthy Affiliate (WA). For a long time, I didn't really appreciate the WA community's rankings. If anything, I have always been a bit concerned that the rankings distracted people from the real goal of learning how to build their affiliate marketing business. The ranking is just a number. I still care more about how much money from affiliate income is being deposited into my bank account than I do about my ranking. Late this summer or earlier t
It is 6am , here in the lovely Colorado Springs, CO USA. The above picture was taken about five miles from my ranch at the Ramah Lake & Wildlife area. My thought when I woke up this morning was, "What do I plan to get done today? What do you plan to accomplish today? What do you plan to get done this week?
In my opinion, the top benefit of working from home is no commute. This morning, I woke up before sunrise. A light blanket of snow had fallen overnight. As the sun came up, I was able to enjoy how pretty it was. Since I own a home based businesses, I didn’t have to rush to leave for work early. On the other hand, when I had a job, it was important to leave early on snowy days because extra driving time is needed to safely compensate for snowy and/or slippery road conditions. As I wa
November 04, 2017
When I first joined WA, I didn't know what an affilate marketing was. I didn't know what an affiliate was. I certainly didn't know how to find affiliate marketing opportunties. Eleven months later, I've discovered that I have become an "affiliate snob." Everytime I visit a company's website, I find myself scrolling down to the bottom to see if they have an affiliate link. While I don't join the vast majority of affiliate programs that I come across , I've gotten to where I prefer not to d
I contacted Wealthy Affiliates's site support team for the first time today. My problem was addressed quickly. They notified me by email when my problem was resolved. Since I was multitasking, I can't say whether it was done in 10 minutes or 20 minutes. I just know that it was fast. In hindsight, I wish I would have contacted them when my login problem first arose. I dreaded contacting the help desk so much that I waited over a month hoping the problem would disappear on it's own. Most