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Recently, I have decided to try to engage in WA's chat room. I figure if I learn how to use the chat room, I might become more comfortable using social media. I am so unsure about social media, that I have been stalled in level four of the online entrepreneurship training, Mastering Social Engagement, for longer than I can remember. My primary excuse to avoid social media is that I do not have time for any of the social media platforms. Yet I know that social media is important to drive engagem
Lately, I have seen several WA blog posts trying to educate members on how to provide meaningful comments on their website posts using the site comment platform. Today, I want to share four simple suggestions that will help people as they write content for their websites that will help engage readers to provide meaningful comments. First, what prompted these suggestions? In the last 24 hours, I took the time to comment on a BUNCH of websites for which members had requested comments. Over
November marks my two year anniversary as a Wealthy Affiliate member. Am I making money? Yes and no. Yes, I am making some money with my affiliate marketing websites. But, not nearly as much as I HOPED to be making at this point. Yet, I am supporting myself with income from my business activities that I was inspired to start after I became involved in the WA community.To be completely honest, at this moment - my budget requires that I eat lots of rice, beans, and chicken. No steaks or nic
October 21, 2018
You just started a new website. Does it feel like you are writing to a blank room? Have you been working on your website for what seems like a long time, but it still isn't getting traffic. Does it feel like you are writing to a blank room? Do not despair, writing to an empty room is necessary part of the process. Consider the following people - they all HAVE to start working while the room is empty. Think of your website, as if you were a teacher preparing the lessons for the week.Thin
The Fear Of Not Being Good Enough WriterI enjoy writing as a form of expressing myself. I love to help people. I do not have any problems thinking of things to write about. Yet, lately I've had a hard time writing. It is as if I have allowed myself to become paralyzed by a fear that my writing is not going to be "good enough".Since I am sort of a perfectionist, this fear has made it extremely difficult to write content for my websites. When I do write, it takes hours. I know that fear is a bad
October 07, 2018
This morning, I was reading a few of Jerry Juang's posts. He has worked extremely hard this year and has been very successful as result. He has already earned his spot to Vegas. His posts share his successes and provide valuable tips about what it took to obtain that success. In his July post, Jerry stated: "What we can achieve actually depends on the small decisions we make every day" I think this is going to be my motivational thought of the week. Thanks Jerry! I hope that his
Have you prepared a written blogging plan for the 4th quarter yet? At this point in time, my primary source of income is from selling Colorado homes on land, farms & ranches. My real estate business provides a nice source of income while I am building my affiliate marketing business. The things that I have been learning here at Wealthy Affiliate about SEO and online marketing certainly applies to my real estate business. At the same time, there are things that I have learned from my
I believe it is extremely important to always be learning. So, I read a lot. For some reason, the name of my favorite photographer/blogger/author kept popping up this week. I stumbled across old blog posts written by popular female bloggers that wished they could be more like her. Last night, while catching up on rural real estate news, I came across several news articles also about this person and her blog. My favorite blogger's name is Ree Drummand. Most people know her through h
Last weekend, I discovered that I had a first edition copy of Stephen R. Covey's book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. When it was first published, back in 1989, the book was promoted with advanced praise. When Stephen Covey published the book, I'm sure that he dreamed that it might become a best seller. However, I doubt that he truly comprehended that it was going to lead him to create what would become a billion dollar empire. I wonder, how close are you to achieving a l
Good morning all, Most of us here joined Wealthy Affiliate because we want to build an online business. Wealthy Affiliate teaches us how to create and operate a marketing business. The focus is on building an affiliate marketing business. Although Kyle gets us to think about things that are commonly found in a formal business plan, this is not a business planning course. If someone in the United States wants to take a business planning course, I recommend they check the courses that are offer b