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As you work on your business, are you making things more complicated than it needs to be? Are you making excuses about why you can't do something - such as making YouTube videos? In my case, I must admit, since the beginning of the year, I have been planning to start making YouTube videos. Yet. Here it is April. I have not made a single video yet. As I have procrastinated; I have come up with a ton of excuses. Yet last Wednesday, I was able to take part in an "adventure" that proved t
Are you frustrated that you have not gotten the results that you wanted? Are you questioning yourself? Are you struggling to write and publish content regularly? Do you feel like your honeymoon stage with WA has come to an end? If so, please know that these types of feelings are completely normal. It happens to all of us. It is not a matter of it. It is a matter of when. In fact, I am just coming out of a "funk" myself. My funk was so bad that listening to uplifting music, watching
"I wish I would have." Those are words of regret. Yet today, there are lots of people saying "I wish I would have." I am saying it because I did not work as hard on my affiliate marketing website as I should have. So, I am losing some income today. You see that big green snowblower on the far right hand side of the picture above? That is a John Deere snow blower. John Deere does not have an affiliate program for their big equipment. Yet, there are other places that sell snow blowe
Last week, we chased away the wolves. So this week, PLEASE. Let us focus on building our business. If each of us focus on posting great content and operating with honesty & integrity; our earning potential is HUGE. The sky is the limit.The spammers, scammers and those who prey off of broke, helpless people will always be bottom feeders. Let the bottom feeders fight over the crumbs. Do not allow yourself to get so focused on the bottom dwellers and the scams that you forget to look
Drama, drama, drama...... Today, I would like to remind everyone that we NEED to be focusing on our goals. Not drama. If we focus on drama and/or our pity party problems; we could find ourselves getting swept up in the trash. The picture above is of a Giant Broom & Dust Pan located outside the Denver Art Museum, in Denver CO. Can you see the little person in the middle of the picture? Look real close by the lower white paper. She has dark hair. I don't know about you, but I do
This post is not a rant. Unfortunately, I have discovered that here, in the WA community, that I cherish so much, there a few wolves disguised as sheep among us. Trust but verify. A community is only as strong as it's weakest links. Neither WA nor the affiliate marketing industry, as a whole, can afford to ignore people that choose to lie, scam or commit fraud in order to gain a few extra dollars. The credibility of an entire industry is at stake. Wolves also destroy the credibility o
Please. Do not give up on the WA site comment feature. I know there are a lot of people here that are frustrated with Site Comments. In case you are not interested in another site comment discussion, let me add: Please, don't give up on working on creating awesome content for your website either. Quitters never win. What follows below is about site comments... I've read so many complaints, that I've almost been scared to request more myself. Thinking maybe my good luck is about t
Even though my little airplane is still sitting at 300, I will be at the 2020 super affiliate conference in Vegas. Yes, I have been moving at the pace of an EXTRA SLOW turtle. I am extremely slow, methodical, detail oriented. If I stick my neck out, I typically know what I am talking about. I don't just talk. This week, I have been learning about WA's real value proposition. WA provides an extra ordinary value for the dollar. The platform is extremely convenient. There is also a bi
We are all here, I think, because we want to create and build profitable online businesses. Yet, all too often we are not taking the time to understand the rules that we have agreed to follow. We agree to follow rules when we signed up for WA, social media accounts, the Amazon associates program and a number of affiliate programs. We sign up for these accounts because we want to make money. Yet, I don't always read the rules. After reading a bunch of blog posts over the last couple of
When you read people's success stories, do you sometimes ask yourself, " Am I doing something wrong?" "Should I be doing something different? I do. Frankly, this week I've been sad that I haven't had more successes in my own business to celebrate. Instead, I've just got more draft posts to finish up. I am not working for free. I am investing my time for future success. Yet, no successes to celebrate = no additional money in my bank account. Now, don't get me wrong. I love readi