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August 25, 2019
This morning I watched Engae Ponaai - Zero on YouTube. This video is very romantic music video that is not sung in English. I had stumbled across the video while doing a Google search for the word "engage" Although I didn't understand a single word, Engae's video captivated my attention. So much so that I saved it to my play list. Then I researched the video some more so that I could try to figure out what the song was about. It also turns out that this video's ability to engage my att
Here at WA, we frequently hear about people that get their posts or pages removed or banned from Facebook, Pintrest or other forms of social media. More often than not, the WA member does not feel like they spammed anyone. Jetrbby (Kaju) is a recent example. This morning, before I read Jetrbby's latest bad experience with Facebook, I had spent some time on someone else's business page. It is a Facebook business page that I have visited multiple times. Since I am in the process of launc
I am sorry. I just read another post from someone that is complaining they have not made any money yet. I have spent the majority of my career as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Among other things, a CPA gives financial advice to businesses and some CPA's help with the taxes. So, this question frustrates me when it comes from people that have been here less than a year. You may not want to hear this but it is true: Unless you spend thousands on advertising or you are one of the
Spammers are people too. Are you at risk of becoming one? After being at Wealthy Affiliate for over two years, I have watched a few too many people fall for shiny objects in hopes of making money faster. Even a few "respected" members have. So, just because someone is a Wealthy Affiliate member; that does not mean they immune from becoming a spammer. Maybe I"m in a weird mood today but this morning I found myself feeling sorry for a spammer. After all, this spammer is just like m
I have had a nagging question that won't' go away. Should WA's spam rules be changed to allow self promotion on their own WA blog? The more I think about it, the more I think it would better serve the community if people could provide links to their own websites on their WA blog. Since around 2007, I have belonged to a real estate blogging community that is made up of people mainly from the United States and Canada. People are allowed to promote their own business on their personal blo
As an Amazon Associate, I was reminded once again about how important it is to make sure that your income stream, your livelihood, is not tied to one company. Or one type of product. Today, we received an update from Amazon. They were notifying us that the commission rates are being reduced effective May 1, 2019, for a couple of categories. These reductions applied to categories that have been paying between 7%, for luggage and shoes for instance to 10% for the apparel. This is an excer
Is each post your write satisfying? Is your website as a whole satisfying? I hope so. That is because Google LOVES the word, "Satisfying." It wants the people that use Google to be satisfied. While, I've never met anyone that actually works for Google, I am beginning to think that they love to EAT as well. Some of their employees have a sense of humor. A few love cats. But, they do NOT want to learn about income taxes in a cat video. Plus, if they go to a recipe site, they better be
In honor of Jessica (SwanGirl) on her birthday today, I wanted to do an animal related post. Jessica is a SuperGirl and great cat mommy. Happy Birthday Jessica! So, I am going to share a few tips that I read from a funny yet educational book called, "How to Make Your Cat An Internet Celebrity" by Patricial Carlin. How to Make Your Cat an Internet CelebrityHere is a picture of the book cover: For starters, you need to own a cat and a computer. If you don't know about websites, it is
As you work on your business, are you making things more complicated than it needs to be? Are you making excuses about why you can't do something - such as making YouTube videos? In my case, I must admit, since the beginning of the year, I have been planning to start making YouTube videos. Yet. Here it is April. I have not made a single video yet. As I have procrastinated; I have come up with a ton of excuses. Yet last Wednesday, I was able to take part in an "adventure" that proved t
Are you frustrated that you have not gotten the results that you wanted? Are you questioning yourself? Are you struggling to write and publish content regularly? Do you feel like your honeymoon stage with WA has come to an end? If so, please know that these types of feelings are completely normal. It happens to all of us. It is not a matter of it. It is a matter of when. In fact, I am just coming out of a "funk" myself. My funk was so bad that listening to uplifting music, watching