Ouch - Getting Rejected By An Affiliate

Last Update: January 24, 2019

Yesterday, I received my first ever rejection letter from an affiliate that I applied for. I was told that I would not be successful marketing their service because my website did not have enough content.

Since this was a product that I wanted to use in my brick and mortar shop, I was disappointed. Now, I have to decide if I want to use their product/service at all. Once I became an affiliate marketer, I have gotten to where I prefer to purchase things from people that offer affiliate marketing programs. In other words, I want to support companies that see the value in affiliate marketers.

"You Do Not Have Enough Content to Be Successful"

So, that leads me back to my rejection letter. I do not have enough content. That is a true statement. Not only do I not have enough content, I am not getting traffic either.

Sometimes, I feel like the choice of adding affiliate links to our website is similar to the question of which comes first, the chicken or the egg? On one hand, it seems weird to review a product if we can not provide an affiliate link in the event that, by some miracle, we do get someone that wants to purchase the item based on our recommendation.

Yet, if we spend more time researching affiliate programs, signing up to affiliate programs and adding affiliate links to our website;are we wasting our time since we do not have traffic yet? Have we allowed ourself to become more focused on making money than serving our reader?

I am glad that Amazon and Wealthy Affiliate do not think that we are wasting our time by doing so.

At the same time,

Even though I do not like rejection, I must admit they are right. On that website, I do not have enough content or traffic to ensure my time spent marketing their product will be successful.

Sometimes getting honest feedback does not feel good.

So, my plan is to work even harder on my ONE website that offers me the greatest earning potential. I must FOCUS on what is important.

I will not be able to make a full time income from affiliate marketing if I do not have lots of good quality content. I have to get the content out of my head and published. I have to get my content out of the site content's draft box.

I encourage each of you to do the same. Rejection by an affiliate is not meant to hurt us. It is meant to give us an honest, objective assessment regarding our website's current ability to attract their potential customers.

To Do:

1. Find Good Low Competition Keywords

2. Write great quality content around that keyword.

3. Publish the great quality content.

4. Repeat....over and over again.

I hope each of you have a super productive day.


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AIrete Premium
Thanks for sharing. Love your attitude to the ‘set back’ / rejection. You’re looking inward and taking action. Great learning for me! You can only get better going forward. Go SondraM. All the best.
SondraM Premium
Thank you for the kind compliment. I do my best to try to find the positive in negative situations. Granted it took me almost a full day to get over the initial sting.
techhound Premium
There are two approaches you could take here other than abandoning the vendor (which is also an option!). The first is to reach out to the affiliate manager and discuss your future plans, promotions, etc. Often, affiliate managers reject people only to wait for who will reach out. They then reverse the decision. It's not a guarantee, but the odds are in your favor. It's all about establishing relationships. When you do, these affiliate managers will often give extra tips and assets to help your campaigns.

The other option is to promote the products without getting anything for it. You can then build your traffic and show the affiliate manager later how you have contributed to their success. It's hard to imagine managers that won't be receptive to this and it would be surprising if they didn't approve you when this happens. If they don't, they you pull the campaign.

If your website isn't getting any traffic in the beginning, Google can't flag you for being a thin affiliate website because you aren't posting any affiliate links on your website. Thin affiliate sites are ones that exist solely to sell affiliate products. They are flooded with affiliate links.

Best Regards,
SondraM Premium
Jim, thank you for the suggestions. I had not even thought about getting dinged for being a thin affiliate website.

If anything, it is making me prioritize my activities. This morning, I realized that my primary focus should be on the website that is related to my main business activities. That is where I have the greatest potential to increase my income exponentially.

My brick and mortar shop, plus the business related website are secondary activities. The shop helps me network and meet people for my primary business. The business website is more of a hobby and a place to direct some of my extra energy and things learned.

"It is all about establishing relationships." Aside from focus, that is a key thing that I need to remember. It applies to all that I am doing.

techhound Premium
Hey Sondra, you're welcome. Sometimes, you have to look at things from an affiliate manager's perspective, too. Overall, most are nice people and great to work with. But, they get a flood of applications and have to be somewhat discerning to keep spammers and scammers out of the mix. Bad affiliates can tarnish the reputation of a company and stating that it was the affiliates' fault can only go so far (if anywhere, actually). Besides, the company can get into legal trouble if affiliates don't comply with regulations and disclosures etc.
techhound Premium
As a follow up, I am not suggesting this affiliate manager thinks you are a spammer or scammer. But, when managers get a flood of applications, they often reject even legitimate requests with the intent of seeing who is willing to contact the manager and discuss promotional plans, etc.
davehayes Premium
Thats bad news, but I am sure you will find other better avenues, one door shuts but a better one opens &... they have lost out not you
SondraM Premium
So true Dave.

Challenges also help shape us and make us better. I hope you have a productive day/evening.
davehayes Premium
I am thank you
David960 Premium
I haven't tried to apply for affiliate programs yet. Because l don't think my site is far enough along.
In one of Kyle's training, he talks about leaving money on the table. I struggle with it, because I am not far enough along in the development.

Thanks for sharing your bad news, or motivation,
SondraM Premium

Thanks for your response. I hope that my motivation that came disguised as bad news will help keep you focused on creating a website full of great content. Those are the ones that make money.
marchanna Premium
Good and honest analysis of the situation. I'm sure you'll recover and be in a better position with them very soon! Marc
SondraM Premium
Thank you Marc. Sometimes little rebuffs and rejections can be awesome at encouraging us to work even harder doing what we know that we need to be doing.