Maxine & I Will Be in Vegas Next Year with the Other Super Affiliates

Last Update: February 08, 2019

No, I have not received my invitation from Kyle yet. I may not get it until December 30, 2019. That is alright. I am a procrastinator sort of gal anyway. Why try to get it earlier? I WILL get the invite because I WILL have earned it. Same with Maxine. On the way back, I want to stop off and see the Grand Canyon like Jerry did.

In the last year or so, I've had a ton of excuses why I didn't have time to work on my website that would promote WA. Yet in the last couple of months, I told Maxine that we were going to reach the top together.

Well, today she published a training, "How to Get to Vegas. Envision Yourself There." In the training, she explains that she will be going to Vegas next year. She can already see herself there.

I can't explain why exactly, I did not get motivated to do what it takes to get the 300 referrals before. I just didn't. Maybe, I felt that I didn't have time to help 300 people change their lives for the better? That is kind of self centered thinking....

All I know is that I told Maxine that we were going to succeed together. When I say things, I genuinely mean it. So, if she is going to Vegas; so am I. Using her technique, I can already see myself meeting her at the hotel for the first time. I'll be thanking her for giving me that little extra reason that we sometimes need to go the extra mile.

If she stumbles or struggles, I will be there to help her. We are in this together. Hopefully, she will do the same for me. If not, I am accountable to my actions.

I am also publicly telling all of you my plans, so that way I know that there will be people watching....can it be done? Or is she just talking?

If we write our plans down and share them with others; we are making a greater commitment to succeed than just thinking about it.

Plus the idea of not making it and getting embarrassed can be a great motivator.

To be honest, I am grateful that my website is out of the sandbox period. I am also grateful that I have about 60 posts for this website, sitting in Site Content in draft mode. Plus countless others over in Microsoft Word. That leaves me about 300 more posts to start from scratch.

I am thinking about Little Mama's road to Vegas training that she so kindly made for us. 400 quality posts..... reviews...... So., I clearly comprehend that 25 posts are not going to get me there...

I am also thinking about Alex Evan's post yesterday about how we all have the same amount of time each day. As I look at my schedule, there is no real reason that I should not be able to devote 5 - 6 hours a day at least to this particular website. That still leaves me 8 hours for sleep and 10 hours for my other work activities.

I hope that Vegas 2020 will be the biggest yet. I look forward to meeting you there. If you will committ to doing the work required to be there. Maxine and I are.

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Hey Sondra,

Our plans are set to meet and greet in Vegas for 2020.

What was covered in the tutorial are the steps I plan to follow and more.

Linking with Coach Grace will give me further insights for the journey.

I know that challenges are there. But, I wiil persevere.

My friend, you are way ahead in terms of writing and I want to nudge you further ahead because now is time to soar.

There is sonething that Kyle said in his blog that touched me a d I wll not forget it.

He said, "Expect Big Things. "

Whether he realizes it or not, that is a powerful message found on faith .

Faith is the substance of things hoped for that haven't materialized as yet. But , they will.

I have to meet my humble leader face to face because I know that he is a brilliant and good man. Carson is also but he is always behind the scenes with his SiteSupport. :-))

When I looked at Kyle and Carson, who is also my leader, I decided right there and then, I am going to Vegas to meet them to say THANK YOU.

To get there requires burning the midnight oil. GUESS WHAT?.

I don't mind at all. It's a worthwhile mission. For me it's about getting the opportunity to show the highest level of respect.

From now start working on your curtsey.

Let's do this to fulfill our dreams.

All the best
SondraM Premium
I didn't realize that you joined under Grace. That is fantastic. I agree with what you said about the importance of faith, Kyle and Carson.

Well, I just told Susan that we will have to go shopping for sunglasses to cover up the dark circles under our eyes from burning the midnight oil. We will try to do that before the Meet & Greet.

Thank you for serving as my inspiration on this.
There's a new anti aging cream launched by Michelle and Barack Obama called Natura Beaute.

We have to get some and use it daily.
You can get it only from their website.

I wonder who they are their web host?

Don't worry even if we show up with a mask, if's all good!
lesabre Premium
Great stuff all that training and implementing will pave the way to Vegas.
SondraM Premium
We are so fortunate to have the training laid out for us. In my case, it just took me a bit longer for find something or someone to give me that little extra drive and determination.

Maxine ended up being that person for me. She's just got an amazing soul and spirit.

I hope you have an awesome weekend.
Swangirl Premium
Good for you Sondra! I saw a great training here yesterday by Marshall (emarketingguy) that says we should create 100 posts and then stop and go back and start updating those posts. He other good tips as well. This one is Gold too!
SondraM Premium
Thank you Jessica. I'll be sure to check out both of the items. I have to work smart.

p.s. I hope things are getting a little better for you.
Swangirl Premium
He has great advice. I am following it.

Yesterday was not a good day...lost our last fish (the one that survived the destruction of his aquarium in the earthquake) and we got two vehicles back from the shop and neither of them are fixed. I also had a terrible headache. Hopefully things can get better from here!
SondraM Premium
Poor fishy..... I too would have a horrible headache with all that you have going on. I'm searching for the right words to cheer you up and make certain that you don't lose hope.

You are amazing.. You are strong. You will get through this. And, I am so sorry that this has all been happening.
Swangirl Premium
Thanks Sondra. I feel like such a broken record!!
RScarrott Premium
You will get there Sondra. Seeing ourselves already doing something sets us up for it to happen. We are the only ones that can place a limit on ourselves. My goal for this year is to brand my own product line. I plan on reaching it and I already see that coming to light. Would be nice to meet you guys in Vegas too. :)

SondraM Premium

Having your own product line is going to be an exciting step. I hope it goes extremely well.

I hope you have a great weekend.
NidaV Premium
Great! This post is so motivating. I’ll pray for you Sondra!

Take care.

SondraM Premium
The prayers will help me find the people that can most benefit from WA. Thank you Nida.