It aint easy to be blind

Last Update: July 17, 2015

Before my critics ask me what this has to do with WA, it has a LOT to do with it.

As a vision impaired person I speak on behalf of all other members who have some or other disability that hampers them in their work here at WA. We must always keep in mind that it is not only 100% "normal" people who are trying to get a business established here.

From my own perspective I find it impossible to take part in the online chat facility, because it takes me too long to try and decipher the small text, and when I eventually do, the discussion has moved on far beyond the relevant point.

Likewise, there may be a lot of other members who cannot perform their actions as swift as "normal" people, and this can often lead to frustration and a feeling of inadequacy.

To all my fellow "disabled" members out there, hang on tight. We will also one day reach the summit and reap the benefits of our hard labor, even though it may have taken us a few months longer than the rest.

Never stop to dream, and have faith in yourself. And remember, despite our disabilities, we are also normal people.... We just need a bit longer to do things.


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Geoff-n-Jane Premium
Your great positive attitude and persistence will get you anywhere you want.
LeannL Premium
Theuns you probably already know this and it may work differently on a laptop or tablet. I use a desktop. Anyway if this is of any help if you hit the ctrl button and the + button it will make your screen print bigger. If you already know this please disregard message. Have a Blessed day.
Mark1957 Premium
Hi Theuns,

I didn't realise you had impaired vision so all respect to you for being involved in this fast moving industry of ours.

Thankfully, I don't have any physical impairments but I've been in the chat a few times and I find it hard to keep up so tend not to go there too often.

And you're completely correct of course, you'll get there even if it does take a little while longer, but, there again, it's not a race is it?

Great post Theuns and thanks for highlighting this issue.

jvranjes Premium
Great words Theuns, of course you are normal people. We all do things in our own way. Best luck.
hostelgirl Premium
True but there are also qualities, gifts that you bring. Think of the extra stuff you bring to the table. All that extra sensitivity and perception. This is a people business and I do think that having a disability taps into that - because you know what it is like to have a condition, you are probably more empathic as a result and find it easier to relate to people.
solidbase Premium
Thank you for the kind words Julie.
And you are correct.... My disability makes me a lot more sensitive to the issue than what it was before I became half blind.
Peace sister.