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May 27, 2016
Today is a wonderful day. I've been working hard as you all, there were days I thought I can't do it, it's too much to learn and at my age. I try to keep focus, but my baby interrupted me, over and over. When I start writing again it takes me just a little bit when I hear Ayde in the intercom yelling "mom, mom, mom" and here we go again interrupting my thoughts.Even with everything in my busy life. I'm happy with my progress I think I'm doing well. My advice today is, never stop learning, ever
How to be successful?First we must define what success is for us.Successful people will not give up, but strive more, nothing stops them and they learn from failures. If you want to be successful you must leave your fears behind and continue with tenacity and effort.Always be positive even if it seems impossible to achieve, do not stop but be humble, learn to listen to others because of them you can learn, teach others and share what you know.You must be clear about who you are, what your skill