OEC Completed!

Last Update: November 17, 2019

I finally completed OEC. I plan to do it all again but I finally got through it. I only a few things to finish and hadn't had time to get to them until today. I'm so excited that I finished. A year ago (November 24th) I started this journey. I started with Affiliate Bootcamp and did a few lessons and then switched and decided to do OEC. I'm done! Whoo Hoo!!!

Now on to finish Affiliate Bootcamp so I can put another feather in my cap. Then I'll do OEC again. I think we always learn something new each time we do a training so you can never do the training enough.

And, why yes, I did post twice today.

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cliffordjack Premium
Great news...
AlanJE Premium
Congratulations on your achievement, Pamela, Alan.
jojocinq Premium
Keep up ghe good work
MikeAdkins Premium
Well done, I'm just behind you 😊 kind regards Mike
CMKetay Premium
Way to go! Thankfully, it's always there for refreshers! Christine