Dilemma Regarding Comments

Last Update: December 07, 2020

I have a dilemma regarding comments I requested and received. I paid for these comments. Some comments I received were just not much at all. I feel cheated in a way.

I've considered not approving them but then I feel bad. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. I remember last year I drafted a comment for someone on their post for their website. I took time to review the post and I went to other areas of their website too. I drafted what I thought was a qualified and detailed comment. My comment was not approved and I remember how I felt. It stung.

I don't get a lot of time to do many comments or feedback so when I do I take the time to review the post and that person's website and I think about what I'm going to write. I have to say I am disappointed with some comments I received. It's like these people went through my post, which was short granted, and hurriedly wrote a commnet without thinking about what they were going to say, and they didn't spell-check or check their grammar.

This post is not meant to complain. I just want to point out that when we go to someone's website and read their post that we should take the time to review that post, go to their website and get a general feel for what their site is about and craft a nice comment. Other people are going to read those comments.

In fact, I was on someone's website yesterday and read some of the comments that were left and I was surprised that the administrator had approved them. Do we not care about the comments that are left on our sites? Shouldn't we care about quality and not just quantity?

Do you understand my dilemma? I am going to have to think about this before I decide what to do.

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TheNeuroNerd Premium
Reject the ones that clearly do not take to time to respond to your posts appropriately.

You're paying for it, and you should get quality comments!

As for the people that allow the bad comments, believe it or not, it creates controversy and get hits.

People like controversy...as much as they'd like to disagree with that statement. Controversy makes for juicy reading.

Whoever allows the "bad" comments, can just as easily respond to that comment and set that person straight.

Hope this helps you, and don't ever feel bad about rejecting something you don't want on YOUR website.

Socialbug766 Premium
Thanks, Josette. I understand what you are saying but you should have seen some of the comments on the website I was on. Some of them made no sense whatsoever. I was totally shocked.
Talk2Ray Premium
Sorry to hear this, but it is not new, there have been several others that are disappointed in the quality of comments. I would reject the ones that are bad and move forward.
Don't give up because of the actions of a few, there are many many more who put forth the effort to give great comments.
Just thinking.
Socialbug766 Premium
Oh, thank you. I won't give up but maybe try again later.
Linda103 Premium
If they aren't any good you should refuse them Pamela. Some try to game the system by using generic comments and don't bother to read the article.
Comments should be about the article and it is only right to expect a good quality comment when you have paid for them.
Plus the site can stop these serial bad commenters if people keep refusing them.
Socialbug766 Premium
Thank you for that advice. It is appreciated.
JerryMcCoy Premium Plus
I understand your dilemma regarding comments. Do you approve or disapprove? If they have read your site but do not appear to have comprehended what you have shown in your website then disapprove them. If they have brought up a valid point that you had not considered then at least give them the benefit of doubt. I, personally, read a post all the way through and follow some of the threads they have before I begin my comment. This is only fair to the person who researched and wrote the blog. In the end, the decision is yours to make.
Socialbug766 Premium
Well put Jerry. Thank you for your advice. It was helpful.
GeoffreyC1 Premium
If it is a poor review then you should reject it for yourself and to let the reviewer know that it wasn't of high enough quality and they can then improve them in the future.
Socialbug766 Premium
Thank you. This helps validate what I was thinking. Granted that particular post was not very long. I still felt it would get more of a conversation started. I have written much longer posts in the past and put in the research and the same thing happened. I guess it just hit me wrong this time.