When learning about how to do social media marketing, we all learn that its use is very influential in gaining traffic to our sites. I think we can all agree that marketing through any social media platform can influence and alter future expectations of anyone reading it. That seems to be true, regardless of what niche we are in.

Yet, do you think that the line blurred between popular social media platforms? Or, do you think there a prevailing ‘attitude’ that is unique to each social media platform?

Each platform has a different advantage in its social actions. Some serve as a platform to be brief, others allow us to be more attention drawing with our narrative. Should that drive us to be more active on one over the other?

What is your favorite social media platform? Is it Twitter, Google+, Snap Chat, Instagram, LinkedIn, or another? Can you share why?

Have you noticed a shift in the comment threads on the platform you prefer to use? Does one seem to follow more impulsive trends than another?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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Ultimateless Premium
I think all social media platforms have pros and cons. For business I am more for twitter and google +
SuzQ Premium
Thanks Michael ;)
LinDash01 Premium
I use G+ as it's easier. Thanks for sharing
SuzQ Premium
Thanks Linda, I'm hoping to get used to it quickly ;)
judebanks Premium
I don't have a favorite. For me, it is a tool and all about finding the right audience.

For example, if I was in the dating niche or my audience was made up of young people under 35, I would use Snap Chat.

See stats: https://www.statista.com/statistics/326452/snapchat-age-group-usa/

Instagram users age stats: 89% are under the age of 50. If your target audience is the over 50s+, this would be more challenging.

I was in Linkedin for years. Left it in 2010. It was good for professional networking while I was working in the corporate world but became less useful with online marketing - too much spam and junk.

I admit I am not a social media fanatic. I need to work on it!

SuzQ Premium
Thanks Jude, I really need to work on it too. It seemed a lot to wrap my head around Google hangouts. Never realized that Instagram had much of an audience over 40, so your stats are interesting and useful.
MKearns Premium
Haven't advertised on SM yet, but when I do I will start with G+ and FB as the basic beginning and then branch out as I see profits.
SuzQ Premium
I'm just getting into SM, but my thoughts parallel yours. It seemed on G+ there were multiple means to market and just get known.