Hi Everyone! I get many different kind of requests but I have never recieved one like this in my comments before.

I do not know if you have experienced this. But I am really interested in hearing your views on this matter and what you would do about it if it happened to you.

This is a comment I got on one of my reviews:

"I’d love to put together a “quick start guide” (including 10-15 resources) on launching a business locally. It can be tricky to get a business up and running, especially during these uncertain times, but I think this quick piece can help guide your readers through the process. In addition, I can include a link to your site within the guide.

What do you think? May I send it to you for your consideration and possible placement on your site?

Thank you for your time! "

The person then added the link to the offer and the website in the comment.

What would you do?

1. Mark the request as spam?
2. Accept the comment and the offer?
3. Ask for more details
4. Would you regard this as a win win situation and opportunity to reach other audiences ?
5.Ignore it and just trash the comment?

Look forward to hear your thoughts and experiences on this matter.

- Hilde

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Joezout Premium
I would certainly ask for more information you never know it might be legit and a little more information will certainly give you far more insight whether you want to just turn it away or not. I certainly would not get them any free WA space or pay a cent but what is to lose to find out a little more info.

HildeRegine Premium Plus
Legit or not. After looking closer at the website it is clear to me that it is not a good fit for me.
richardgb Premium
Hi Hilde
I would take a look and if there is any money involved simply not respond because it is clearly spam.

However, if they are offering reciprocal arrangements of some kind it might be interesting.

This is an opportunist (there's nothing wrong with being an opportunist in theory) taking advantage of comment forms inappropriately to find contacts.
HildeRegine Premium Plus
Yes I agree that some forms of collaborations can be fruitful, but I do like to know who the persons and company is. And I did not find this to be a fruitful request
LDSewell Premium
If they put links like that in open comments on your site - that is just spam and junk (in my opinion anyway) and I get people trying that nonsense everyday on various sites. Do as you see fit - but as for me I delete them all, and mark it as spam. There are courses and "gurus" teaching that garbage as a marketing tactic - and it is not a valid one - yet they do it anyway. It is just annoying.

People who have legitimate offers reach out privately by messenger, email etc. - and not by posting their own links on your site without permission.
HildeRegine Premium Plus
Yes That was exactly my first thoughts as well.
FrankB-1 Premium Plus
Hi Hilde,
How does their site look in the research section of Jaaxy?
HildeRegine Premium Plus
Good Question. I checked. No traffic at all.
FrankB-1 Premium Plus
It doesn't look like a good opportunity for you 🙁
Have a great weekend, Hilde!😊
TheCatherine Premium Plus
Ask for more info, I suspect you may not want to go further but you won't know until you ask. See Diane's caveat below though
HildeRegine Premium Plus
Thank you Catherine! Yes I suspect I will not either, but since I have never got such a request before I had to ask to see if this will benefit me or not in the long run. The owner is at least not transparent.