Hey guys I just created a facebook like page, its on my profile page if you want to see.

Im thinking of putting posts on it Some from my website but also, just to keep a regular flow of activity also add a few links directly from Amazon and write a few sentences on each.

If I just copy and paste the URL of the product (rather than the HTML) will I still get paid if someone buys the product.

Does anyone know?
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Debbi26 Premium
Good to know. Thanks for asking the question. I haven't posted affiliate links on FB.
JohnAllen Premium
Thanks for the question as means I don't have to ask it:-)
CarlaIves Premium
Yes. Marion explained it well.
MarionBlack Premium
As long as the url contains your affililate ID then you should get credit for any sales which result. ~Marion
zenjin Premium
Yes, this will work just fine. I have some Facebook-Fan-Sites and the links have always given me the credit.
jasontw111 Premium
Cool, thanks Zenjin