Starting Jan 1st of 2018 I started sharing about 5 blog posts everyday and got a massive increase in traffic. At my peak I got like 600 visitors a day to my blog with 150 visitors a day being the average, 90% of this traffic was from google+

Then suddenly about 2 weeks ago it started to wean down dramatically, and now I'm still sharing 5 posts everyday and I'm only getting 20 visitors a day if I'm lucky, today I only got 3! any ideas why?

I should mention that I reshare a lot of other people's posts as well and they reshare my posts. I also reshare a lot of my own old posts cause it's not like I write 5 brand new posts everyday. I have about 1750 google+ followers in total.

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Lev Premium
Maybe re-sharing is the problem with google+. Just share only once, but share different things of other peoples and more like 10 a day. That's a lot of followers, keep it growing!
DrTad Premium
Try being more creative writing content that solves a problem.
Dillidami Premium
Sharing old post will not capture the same amount of traffic compare to new post. Try sharing new thoughts and ideas and then watch your traffic grows.
VioletYap Premium
Maybe you can write on different topics or interests.