I've done a Google search for free social media icons for my organization site, and have found some great sets to download. However, almost all that I've found are .AI files and I cannot use those as I don't have Adobe Illustrator. Where does everyone find their cute icons?

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Harrysastar2 Premium
Try designschool.canva.com. They give you a list of 49 sites for free icons. Hope you find what you're looking for.
KatieMac Premium
see Loes has come up with the link hope it all goes well
Darwyn Premium
Loes to the rescue!!
krazykat Premium
As soon as I read your question, I knew Loes would have an answer for you :-)
darajeanne Premium
Nice, thanks a bunch Loes!
Loes Premium
Gladly shared, when you visit my workathomefuture website, you will find 181 amazing free online website tools!
Martstervt Premium
Hi Dara, I use "add to any share" by add to any share. The icons do not show until you mouse over it and then they are all available.

It isn't the cute look but does save room on your page.