I want to earn points by reviewing other websites

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AparnaBansal Premium
Hi Lisa,
Go to the left panel ... Websites > SiteComments > Leave some comments here > View the website ... yada yada.
After u have completed 50 comments on others websites, and your Comment approval rate is high enough, then u will start getting paid for comments at the rate of $0.50 for every second comment. Basically that means $1 for 4 comments. That too when Paid comments are available. But comments on other's articles will get you credits anyways.
Hope this helps.
EmakAmelia Premium
Andy has explained how it works below.
Site Comment:

This thread is not going to give you credits for giving a comment, but you can request comments for comments on your post here.
Give and take comments thread:
YumaBloggers Premium
Answered in Live Chat but you Got to websites on the left sidebar, then comments, and select leave comments to earn credits for site comments on your post. Members leaving over 50 comments in a set period can qualify for paid comments and earn cash when paid comments are available in the system at 50 cents per 2 comments.