Recently on the facebook group there was a discussion about being banned from Amazon. The questioner was uncertain as to why Amazon had banned him from the program and among the advice supplied was given to include "nofollow" rule.

I have seen that in the lesson on inserting links to words, but there was no explanation given as the lesson was on inserting a link and opening in a new tab, etc.

When editing a post (in the back office) after you select 'Edit' there is a drop down that includes:

1 Open in new tab ( I know what that is about)

2 rel= "nofollow" to link

3 rel = "sponsored" to link

4 rel = "UGC" to link

I have several questions.

What is the "rel =" meaining?

What is "nofollow" ( and should we always use it to prevent Amazon from tracking)?

What is "sponsored" about and aren't all links sponsors really?

What is "UGC" ?

There is one last question that has come up right now, as well in the same edit station. There is a box titled "No search term specified". What should we do with that box?

I know this is a lot.



Not sure where to classroom this, so I am going with social and marketing.

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TiredCobra Premium
Thank you Abie
Will look at that tomorrow. Day is over here.