So I've been building and going through the niche course step by step. I'm at the point where I'm supposed to put affiliate links and adsense into pages and compare them. But I have no traffic.
I have no idea if there's a way to see where I rank (I'm definitely not page 1). Is there a program that's free to see where my posts rank?
Will people adding comments increase my traffic? I have a few credits to use.

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DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - Google doesn't start ranking posts highly until you have shown that you are an authority on your subject. This can take up to 6 months when you would typically have 40 to 50 posts.

The age of your website also makes a difference, and this really is very early days. Adding comments will help, as Google likes to see that there is engagement on your site, but it won't bring traffic.

I do agree that the training suggests you join affiliate programs too early. Most programs will expect to see at least 15 posts, and AdSense needs 20 to 30 posts.

Just continue to add more posts.
LindsayRachl Premium
Thanks Diane.
I was caught off guard with adding adsense to my page and comparing the clicks. They would probably be 0 vs 0.
The lesson says I should have more posts than I do but I've been going through all of the checklists and checking each box.
I'm going to keep chugging along... Writing is NOT my forte so it takes me awhile to publish posts that are over 1000 words.
feigner Premium
hopefully you know where your audience is and are starting to talk ot them - offering advice and answering questions - maybe even asknig questions...
with that you should start to link back to your site occasionally with the added informatino on your site - make sure the group allows this.....
i wouldn't bother with adsense at the moment - maybe start llooknig around for affiliate deals - applying but not adding links
every niche will be different in the time it takes ot get traffic going - as will every site in each niche....
but you wil ldefinitely need to promote your content - unless you are ranked highly they will not come looknig.....
but trust the does work....
maybe add more useful content and try to get the traffic started
but it may take another couple of months yet ...
good luck
LindsayRachl Premium
I'm not sure what you mean by offering advice to my audience. I don't have an audience yet. Unless you're talking about other websites?
I've got a few affiliate links. I haven't used many but they're there if the people start coming...
I'll keep on writing. Maybe I'm averaging between 1-2 posts per week. I'm trying to write faster but it's really hard for me to write over 1000 word posts.
I know the system works. It just takes a lot of time to get there. Good thing I like my day job. lol
feigner Premium
do oyu know where your audience are on the internet - fb groups- forums- or other.
hopefully you do... and this way you have found their pain points and offered advice either on the groups or forums showing that you know what you are talkngi about....
seeing what they are asking questions about gives you an advantage with writing articles to answer them - this way you cacn get ranked more quickly.....a people are looking for the answers...
DonnieNorton Premium
Patience grasshopper, traffic has much more to do with the quality of the content than it does with the quantity. You have only been doing this for five weeks, it takes time.

You can use Jaxxy to check on your site rank. When you go there you will notice a button that says site rank, just put in the URL for either your website or an article and you can find out if you are on page 1 and what position you are. Hope this helps
LindsayRachl Premium
Thanks Donnie.
I don't expect traffic yet. I'm trying to understand why I'm putting ads on my site to compare what people click when I don't have any people.
I'm in a fairly competitive niche so I know it will take a decent amount of time to reach page 1. I just want to know if I'm on page 10 or 100.
AbieAJ Premium
LindsayRachl Premium
Thanks. I'm trying to do everything there but I starred it so I can keep going back to make sure I keep doing this. :)