One of my friends wants to create a free website with siterubix but when she is inputting information into the sign up page, it states that she already has an account with WA. But she has never signed up before.

She did mention that she had created a website with wordpress before. Is that the issue here? If not, what could be the other reasons?

Your help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Reyhana

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AlexSol Premium
As MarionBlack mentioned, if your friend is using the same computer as you (or even the same internet connection) WA might see it as a duplicate account.

If that's not the case, your friend could try to sign up with a different email address.

MarionBlack Premium
Is she using your computer or the same IP address?
JDunyon Premium
I've had accounts with WordPress prior to WA and did not run into this problem. My guess is the email was inputted at some point. I would suggest her requesting the pin for the account and seeing if she gets a response
Loes Premium
She can lose all cookies first, and try again