hello, i know social media are an important source of traffic but honestly, i have really no idea of what to say how to start who to follow or how much time should i invest on it,
should i find a big fish on my niche and starts driving its followers to my page? go to an influencer and pay him? whats your successful strategy to have a solid stream of traffic without overworking to essentially a secondary part of your business?

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countrylife Premium
Hey pk821
I want engagement so I post relevant images, videos or ask open ended interesting questions to engage my audience. It is very important to know my audience (that's what Kyle ask me when I first joined here) where they hangout and what they do, what issues they have etc Dependent those I can address this in my posts, I am wanting my social media platform accounts neat and ready to pursue and engaging. I follow up with commenting on their responses so that the algorithm would mark my posts as worthy be shown. I don't need to spend a long time engaging because the focus is more on my website versus other activities. Creating content consistently what brings me income .
Wishing you well and a terrific day.
JTeston Premium Plus
I have been using FaceBook since joining WA over year ago and still do! Using paid advertising instead of paying through Google. FaceBook shows better return on investment for my businesses instead of Google! There are some that find Tiktok better, Instagram, or Pinterest!
KerryJames Premium
My strategy is to find social media groups that I can join that will allow me to share my articles a few days a week. Keeps me with about 30 to 40 visitors a day.
AbieAJ Premium Plus

Keep adding content and sharing onto social media platforms. You can use Sassy Social free version plugin. That's the free approach.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Paid approach you can take Google out of the equation and do paid advertising however you'd need a budget as costs can run very high and needing know what you are doing.

We've written a blog post, criterial for influences you may wanting to use Buzzsumo for finding potential influencers however again at a cost. Personally I'd start off with organic traffic and learn social skills how to market effectively. Once I made some commissions on my niche site, I can then reinvest in the business with paid advertising, having sought qualified essential skillsets so that I do not lose my shirt.

Hope this helps.
GeoffreyC1 Premium
I'm in the exact same boat.