Hey. There is so many different opinions about this so i need to ask you. What experience do you have with posting on free add forums? Any results or is it just a waste of time?


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Triblu Premium
Hey Ulf,

At best, you could gain a backlink to your business using their free ad option... but, you'll need to constantly update it due to their need to make sure the business still exists in 30 days time... as too many have abused that option in the past.

Hope you find this helpful.
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
I haven't had any yet, Ulf!

jghwebbrand Premium
I looked into it, but it does not work well.
It's hard to get any traffic much less sales. It may depend upon your niche, but I would not recommend it.
Do a google search and you'll see some comments about it.
AbieAJ Premium Plus

Believe more depending on your target audience and their hangouts the more you know about them, the more focused you are where to show relevant content that more traction and conversions.

I usually go for paid ads vs free ones.

Also with forums your involvement matters.