What social media platform? And Why? How I differentiate between the platforms. What social media indicators give me best results? Is Ad Campaigns a must? How to drive a barrage of traffic? How my site make out shortest period? Teach me Please Thanks :)

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jghwebbrand Premium
Your first focus will be to create content for your niche website. That will be your "home base" to use and refer to when using other social media platforms so make sure you have original helpful content on your niche website first.

Jaaxy, the WA keyword tool will help you to find keyword phrases that will bring traffic to your website.

The training teaches you all of this. Take it one step at a time. The training is very good in walking you through this in the proper order. Follow the training for success.
Hackerist Premium
Following the big 5 used by most of the top bloggers:

Facebook: any niche and it’s the bloggers' favorite platform to create groups.
Pinterest: any niche where pictures are a must such as food recipes, etc.
Instagram: any niche related to traveling, etc.
Twitter: any niche and used to spread short news about what’s happening.
LinkedIn: any niche, mainly for companies or professionals.

LaraCro Premium Plus
Thanks Tom :) Appreciate your response.
Hackerist Premium
You’re most welcome Lara!
EdwinBernard Premium Plus
Hi Lara,

I can sense your excitement in joining Wealthy Affiliate. In answer to what Social Media platform, most people lead off with Facebook. However, I yield to what Diane advised below. Take her advice.

All the best to you.

Roybretton Premium Plus
Good morning Lara,

Diana is 100% right regarding your question. There is no quick way of creating an online business, as with any business you take gradual steps and grow your business.

If you go through the video training and take the action steps you will find that you won't need to ask so many questions.

I hope this helps.

DianeScorpio Premium
This is covered in level 4 of the training. As I have said before, you are rushing ahead of yourself. Right now, your entire focus should be on writing lots of informative, original content about your niche subject.