I have been thinking about a way to drive organic traffic to my website. I want to test FB groups, I created a personal page to be able to join groups and as it is a new page it only has a few likes and follows... now that I am trying to join groups my page don't apear on my options to join. I have other 2 pages I used in the past with 2k likes and those appear.. The age of the page doesn't seem to be the criteria because I also have an older page with around 30 likes that doesn't allow me to join groups.

Based on your experience does FB require a minimum ammount of likes to be able to join groups?

Is it better to just create a second FB profile and use it for business/driving traffic related activities?

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DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - there is no specific minimum, but group owners set their own rules. You can only actually have one FB account with one personal page, but you can add business pages to it.
Hackerist Premium
I don't want to reinvent the wheel, so I want to share what FB says:


Likes are not a requirement to join groups. Finally, FB doesn't allow to have more than one account. Your pages must be created under that account.

AbieAJ Premium Plus
No criteria as far as am aware, however it is up to the groups admin to accept or reject you.

Some have questionnaires for you to complete.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
You could also form a group to go with your business page.

If options are appearing, it could very well be up to facebook as you said the page is new.

You can only have the one personal account, multiple business pages, groups and one business profile.