Hi there I wondered how many people have gone down the "trademarking" route for your WA business and what your experiences have been? I am just in the middle of it now, so any tips experiences and thoughts welcome, Phil

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YvonneBray Premium
Good question
RSkalniak Premium
Following as well! So glad you asked, @Philmanc! This is one of the bigger projects on my never-ending, ever-growing "to do" list!!!

P.S. Thanks to @mertens for the bit about US-only trademarks! Very good to know
LMH1968 Premium Plus
Great question. Following for the answer
mertens Premium
Hi Phil,
You only truly own a business/brand until you trademark it.
I'm sure you are aware that business name, brand and domain name are not necessarily the same (in branding terms).
The ideal constallation is that all three fall under one trademark (i.e. have the same name).

When I applied for a trademark, I made sure my choosen name is available as a business and domain (the business name is the brand).

One last thought.
An US trademark doesn't cover the rest of the world.
Nothing could stop me from copying your name and business model here in Ireland.
What was your website again ... ?

Good Luck
philmedia Premium Plus
H ha Thanks Martin, yes good advice and good to get a bit of a debate going about it. I think your word chimes with all my legal advice although you do get conflicting views sometimes thus my question. I really appreciate you responding, Phil
Monicat85 Premium
Great video
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philmedia Premium Plus
I think Monicat just posted in the wrong thread, it is easy done, I have no video with the question , thanks Phil