So, I need some advice on what to give away as a free gift in exchange for their email? Thanks
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Kav Premium
I see you've got some very useful responses. This may also be relevant: Free Bonus Gifts
1David Premium
This is one source in how to write an ebook.
Caraid Premium
Hi Peter

There are several things you can do.

1. Give away a free report
2. Give away a free ebook
3. Run a competition and give away a prize, doesn't have to be
expensive. People have to sign up to be included in the competition

It has to be something that people perceive to have value.
and HAS to be relevent to your niche

1. A free report could just be 1 or 2 pages
Example: The top ten tips for saving energy in the home
The top 7 tips for creating more family time
That sort of thing

2. A free Ebook is probably the most common and one I have used
the most. There is no set length but i usually create them between
10 - 20 pages.

Creating an ebook sounds a lot more scary than it is. If you can
create articles for your blog you can write an Ebook. Don't use
exactly the same articles though.

As a tip for ideas
Go to and look for books in your niche, any books
A lot of these books will have a look inside option
Have a look inside and you will at least see a table of contents.
These will give you great inspiration for possible subjects for chapters articles in your ebook.

This is also a great way for coming up with article ideas for your blog too if your stuck.

You will also need to create a cover image for your ebook. If you are not confident enough to create this image yourself you can easily find someone over at to create one for you for realistically between $5 - $20.

You will need to create you ebook and then save it as a pdf which you can do in the more recent version of MIcrosoft word or even openoffice which is free.
Peter36 Premium
Hi Caraid, thanks so much for taking the time to help me out. Yours tips have genuinely given me a ton of inspiration. Thanks once again pal :)
Caraid Premium
Hi Peter

Another tip for content is .........SPY on your competitors !

Create a separate email account . Gmail for example but don't use your real name, quite acceptable.

Look for other sites in your niche if they have got a newsletter or a subscribe here form Subscribe using this email account.

They will probably be giving away an ebook or something for your email address too.

What are they sending you, what is the ebook about. What ever you do don't copy anything but this is a great source for information.

Quite often you'll wonder what you were worried about thinking well I can do better than that. You can amend re-write and improve on it and most importantly put your own slant on things making it truly you own.

This is not at all under hand. Every business needs to keep an eye on it's competitors and hopefully one day that competitor will be you!

I'd be shocked if WA's site owners are not on other internet marketers email lists.

Of course if you get too much crap as it's not your main email; you can just delete it.

Did you ever have to write an essay at school. On the World wars, the Tudors, the Great Discovers etc. If so where did you get your information from ? I would guess books someone else had written which you used to create an essay in your own words. I bet no one in the class had written exactly the same essay.

Of course you will come up with new insights into things and inject something of yourself into your writing which is ultimately what gets people to want to visit YOUR site to hear what YOU have to say.
Do you get my point?

All the best mate

Peter36 Premium
Thanks TeeJay, wow, an eBook! I been considering writing an eBook, but where the heck would I start? Thanks
PastorTae Premium
this is the simple training I used
Writing Your eBook
TeeJayH Premium
Usually you can give away information which is really easy for you to make, obviously keeping it relevant to your niche.

You can also give away trial to a membership which is good for recurring income down the track or exclusive content, basically all of this can be done for free so anything along those guidelines really does wonders, I usually write up an eBook within a week or two and offer that in exchange for emails, works very well.

The best of luck,