WA Community, I need your collaborated input please
I have a site based on Chinese Culture, travel, Language and Guidance
I wanted to hear what you think on possibilities for my affiliate products, services etc
something fresh, as I have done flights, hotels, inflight and travel accessories, e-learning language books, healthy Foods, but feel I am missing something or two?


I do have:
Amazon - CJ- LIFE INSURANCE - TRAVEL HEALTH INSURANCE All set up currently VIA LINKS [within specific related Blogs of course] WA JAXXY too.

Click Bank are having problems and I had little luck getting on their books for some unclear reasons, until a few days ago I actually got a response, but to be continued..

any refreshing ideas will be much appreciated.


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Caruana Premium
Hi, check out language apps, not sure if they have affiliate programs. Marisa
olieben Premium
hello and thanks
Yes i have on a few and hoping that will make soem headway as benefits

thanks for the heads up on that too

best wishes on your WA travels
GaryHorton Premium
You mentioned language ebooks, but do you offer a full language course like Rosetta Stone?

Also, there's a recording device that will translate spoken language. I'm not sure what it is called, but I've seen it advertised on YouTube.
olieben Premium
hello Gary
no i dont have such product line as a full course, the competition is pretty saturated as i see it
Yes i also researched then Japanese development device that is suppose to translate instantly any language, so that looks like a no goer i have tried to find affiliate links for that company but there is none
thanks for those i will continue to search