something worrying me.I now my posts are not the greatest, with my English and im not even great in writing.

Now 3weeks I shared a post on Pinterest, 2 days later it showed 100 people had pinned it, I thought "ok, that`s a 1 off"

2 days ago I posted and shared on Facebook, again an average post that could be written by anyone really.

Today when I went to my site, the post shows it has been shared 6.5M times(not joking here).Now there is no way a post by me, and I know it`s an average post, nothing special at all, a kind of post you read everywhere could be sared so many times.It does not have any youtube Video which I might say is what is being shared.

Now Im worried Google might block my site as these figures are really in no way correct.What should I do?

Thanks for your ideas

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Robert-A Premium
This might seem a stupid answer but why can't the 6.5 be six and a half or is there def an M after the number?

If your site isn't too old then why not deactivate the plugin and before you reactivate it make sure there is a zero for that particular share.

roamy Premium Plus
Hi Robert
Thanks there is a def M after the 6.5 that`s why im convinced something wrong.Last post had 100+ P and I knew it was not right and now this make me convinced it`s out of place.
Will follow your tip and deactivate the plugin.This did really not occur to me but seems the best thing to do.
Really appreciate
Robert-A Premium
Maybe you can use another plugin, there's lots of them.
I use QuickShare and never had any probs with it.