I am confused AGAIN. I received a message via my email address from Word Press that states: "New user registration on site Age Adjuster - Live Young - Wealthy".

I do not know what this is. It contains the person's name and email address. I am using Form 7 with Captcha (which does not seem to work on my site) and have received a comment before. This is not a comment, does not show up in my admin of the site but is seen by Word Press.
I know I need to answer her but she did not ask a question, state a fact or leave any sort of message. Just name and email. I will respond with a Hello ....
But, what is it?

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SeanCasey Premium
In WordPress, go to Settings > General and make sure you untick the little box next to 'Membership' in the left column.

If it is left ticked, anyone can register to your website. You don't want that.

If this isn't what you're talking about, I still recommend un-checking that box if you haven't already done so.
Heidi56 Premium
I see you got good advice! I had many of these users on my first website, for years, and had no idea until I came here to WA. We really learn a lot here.
Merry Christmas, Patricia!
Al-Hussani Premium
Hi Patricia

I received the same emails, I didn't think anything of it because I thought it's a sign up to my newsletter, but now after reading your post I will look into this and if I find out anything I'll let you know.
Thank you.

PatriciaWarf Premium
Thank You. I did write to her but awaiting a reply. I look forward to your findings.
Al-Hussani Premium
you are welcome.

I was right, subscribers to your website. I attached a screenshot if you look under (Role) it should say, a subscriber. Now we both learned something new :)
ElwinDutton Premium
You can uselessly tell if its spam because the email address is weird its not your basic address.

I think Numerous :) is right. If they don't leave a comment i think they are just looking to post there link on your website.
Numerous Premium
Is she under the users menu on your dashboard?

The Wordpress registration page is the same for every Wordpress site unless you change it, so anyone that can figure out your site is a wordpress site can find the registration page. If you don't have a link to that anywhere on your site, my guess would be that it's a spammer creating an account to auto post comments later, but I can't swear by that.