Hi, is it still important to be using an autoresponder service such as Aweber if we have a follow up message feature here at WA?

I understand that "the money is in the list" and I also realise that when you have a list you can promote and sell products to those on your list. Can we not do promote products to the folks that we have introduced to Wealthy Affiliate through the follow up message system?

Your in anticipation
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TheCatherine Premium
Hi Pete,
The autorespoinder here is only to send follow messages to your referrals when they first sign up, for instance you can send one Which encourages them to become premium members in the first week by offering them a discount. There are many many ways to make money online but the one factor which unites all successful Internet marketers is the fact that they have a list.
As soon as you can you should be using one of the top two industry standards auto responders which are Aweber and Getresponse
there are many people here who will tell you that there are free ones available, but I bet that not one of those has tried to transfer a list from one to another. I lost a list twice of over 11,000 people by playing around with the cheaper ones.
As soon as you can you want to start list buiilding and making a relationship with them immediately
Peter36 Premium
Thanks so much, that's most definitely food for thought. I'll get on to that straight away :)