When people intially begin building their affiliate marketing business, the temptation is to signup for as many affiliate programs as possible thinking it will lead to additional income.

Where you are initially focusing on building a single website, my recommendation is to enroll in a single affiliate program that offers a variety of products, such as Amazon Associate's. This will allow you to focus on building content, which should be your main priority in order to achieve SEO rankings and increase traffic to your site.

It will also make tracking your referrals and earnings much easier from a single website. Once you expand your knowledge and begin creating additional websites, you can then enroll in other affiliate programs.
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roamy Premium
This is great thinking thanks, i hate the hassle of signing up in many programmes(it takes time) when i could use the time working on my site

Thanks so much for this
tonlip1 Premium
HI, thanks for the comment, but I was doing this as part of the bootcamp training where you create a question then link to it from your site. Sorry for the confusion.
ninjazrb Premium
Nice thoughts. In the future, post things like this as a blog. This was posted as a question which it is not. Thanks!

mercedes1112 Premium
I agree you should first start with one or two and continue to focus on your content and not get wrapped up in all the ads.