I got an email from a company, who sell Facebook likes, They have a few packages available and the one in the email is $5 for 1000 likes. They say the likes are genuine, the are safe and legal. It is done manualy and not by bots
Did anyone here ever buy from a company like this?
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Marith Premium
NO,NO,NO never do that, you gain nothing. The best way to get more likes is to ask similar pages to share your page, and you share theirs. That way you get real people that actually like your page and will interact with it.
native33 Premium
You'd be wasting your money brother, find another traffic source.
CarlaIves Premium
NO. And if you do and Facebook finds them, they will take them away from your page. They want you to buy from them, but their likes are no better than the others. Plus, all you will get is likes. You will not get visitors who engage or who care about your page.
ChrisTowers Premium
Oh my god no ... all false ... if you get a like, better to have it genuine ... To me all that is just a money making machine. We are here to make and not waste :)
Jawnan Premium
No, no and again no. You get nothing good other than number when you hire bits to like. The likes that will give you traffic is likes from real people.
jasontw111 Premium
Thanks, In my previous job they bought cheap facebook likes, not sure if they brought traffic, it did give some bragging rights as I was a sales rep and trying to show how good the company was But bragging rights are no good to me.