Is there a way I can connect to user review so that only the reviews appear when I write a post. Like telling readers "check what other readers/users say" then I link to the review.

I have tried but only manage to get loads of products come with it instead of just the reviews for the specific product I want to show my readers.

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MoritzS Premium
I'd just say something like.

"If you want to know how other's think who bought the product, you can read their reviews here."

Then just use your affiliate link to the product.

They can scroll down to read the reviews then.
roamy Premium Plus
Thanks I thought there might be a way to link directly to reviews
Marley2016 Premium
It is not advisable to copy reviews from Amazon to your
website that is duplicate material - you can include
snip-its of the most important highlights as far as connecting
people directly to Amazon that would have to be done
with the actual product link :(
MoritzS Premium
Using customer reviews from Amazon on your own site is against their ToS and will get your account banned as soon as they find out.
Don't quote or screenshot reviews you find on Amazon.

roamy Premium Plus
Im not trying to use any Amazon reviews on my site, I just want to direct users to the reviews directly instead of them having to scroll down through the product to reach the review. But thanks