Major hub or where to source? How to go about due diligence? How much to expect to pay? How trustworthy if sourced from social media platforms?


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JeannineC Premium
I'm actually speaking on this topic as part of a webinar from the Performance Marketing Association Summit. We're recording tomorrow for the session to be broadcast next week.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Thanks Jeanine, it says 7 hours and 15 minutes which is awesome. Very much appreciated.
Bolupe Premium
Hello Abie,
It depends on your niche and product.
If you are looking for influencers on Instagram, I will say go for Nano influencers - they have between 500 to 10,000 followers and they tend to be the ones with the best engagement and reach. Make sure the influencers are in your niche and you are willing to offer some money.
For example, you could offer $200 for posting on the grid, stories and IG live.
Send me a DM and I can offer more knowledge on this.
Christorv Premium Plus
This is the sort of info I need- 500-10000 followers- I see, thanks Bolupe (may take you up on the DM bit if it is okay in due time, though not yet) 👍
edhozubin Premium
Thanks for asking the question, I am interesting in following the answers.

Dale123 Premium Plus
Source via social platforms, pay after delivery = can't lose.
LLettau1 Premium Plus
Only peer reviewed articles from the literature of a particular discipline are for the most part trustworthy. Books are a close second if they are cited and backed up by empirical research. Blogs and social media are opinions for the most part and must be filtered.
From a PhD