How manageable? Or better off an Online Courses?

Can they be outsourced to virtual assistants acting as admin/moderators?

What software / platforms you found most practical?

Please share your REAL experiences.


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Dhind1 Premium
I am using Woocommerce Memberships, but that is purely because I needed to integrate the membership with the store.

There are simpler membership plugins out there (though this one is not overly complicated), but the majority do not seem to integrate with the woocommerce store. I did quite a bit of research on it to discover this.

So that is the reason for my choice.

1Rudy1 Premium
Hey AbieAJ, to get some insight, if you have not already done this, there are a few recent blog posts here about membership based websites, that you might find if you do a search.

I don't recall the full name, but both @MelW and I believe @TheCatherine have membership websites.

FrankMelton2 Premium
There are a lot of mistakes can make on their own. I didn't even know whwt questions to ask. I believe it is best to be a member, and if you don' think it helps you, reconsider
klww14 Premium
I've done a number of online courses & really enjoyed them. It looks relatively easy to put an online course up on one of the platforms, as long as you don't mind them taking a big cut of the profits. It could be worth it, but I think you have to do a lot to promote your course.

I've looked into doing membership sites, but the potential liability, if it's hacked, privacy breaches, etc. made me think twice. Maybe in the future...

YvonneBray Premium
I’m not sure AbieAJ how manageable they are I have no experience.

I don’t mind online courses, I’ve been doing them for some years and I quite like them.

Virtual assistance seem to do the job okay but in the end they are not human and they can only answer what has been programmed into them.

I haven’t had any need to find any software or a platform.

Have a beautiful day!