Im not making any sales although my site has 100 posts and is 1.5 years old (have other sites but this is the oldest).Now when I got started I made some sales but then things just stopped and I can`t figure out what`s wrong.

I`m not asking for give and take site review, sometimes people give polite answers.What i`m asking for please are experienced eyes to check my site and tell me what i`m doing wrong because I`m surely doing something very wrong because I think my posts are better compared to when I got started, I post more and share.

Now please forgive and forget the grammar faults, I cant afford to have it corrected every time.

So Apart from grammar mistakes, please take your time if you dont mind,go through the site and tell me what im doing wrong and what I should improve.

Thanks for your time

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WilliamBH Premium
Ok Roamy .. I am not an expert, I am just an amateur. My first question is: Do you have a Sales issue or a Traffic issue? Do you know what your traffic is? Do you have have Good Analytics?

If you have low traffic then you will have low sales. If you have low traffic then it would indicate there is a key word issue in your posts. Where are your posts appearing on Google?

If you have good traffic and don't have Sales then you have a sales funnel problem.

So depending on your answer there then go to the relevant items on Jeff's list below.

1. Sales
2, Traffic
3. Traffic
4. Traffic
5. Traffic and Sales
6. Sales
7. Traffic

And Robins point .. Sales and Traffic

And some points from me:

- Your home page is a bit bland and even more bland on mobile .. remember most searches are mobile so you need to check that (Sales)
- Site load speed seemed a bit slow on mobile, check the load speed .. what social media plug in are you using because it took a while to come up. It may have been my wifi, but just check.

That is it for me. Not saying I am right .. it is just my thinking.

Cheers, William.
roamy Premium Plus
Really appreciate,will check these points and get back to you,thanks so much for your time.
JSakanee Premium
Overall, I think it's a pretty solid site. Here's what I'd suggest:

The first thing I'd recommend is to get a logo. The top of your site looks so weird. Like naked or empty or something.

Second, I think you need to start focusing on writing reviews. Reviews are perhaps the best way to send your visitors to the WA signup page OR your WA review page.

And finally, if you can afford it, get into Facebook Ads and Google AdWords. Trying to outrank other WA bootcampers, especially the guys who've been here for years, with just content and on-page SEO is going to be tough.
roamy Premium Plus
Lol, don't know why this feels funny that the top look weird or naked.I had a logo created, someone from site review said the logo looked out of place so I removed it.
I think im going to go direction FB ads, im somhow frustrated so I`ve set some money aside to do ads.
Thanks really appreciate your time
JeffBoivin Premium
Hi Roamy

I am not an expert... I am just a crazy guy who follows the training the best he can. And I screw up more than I succeed :P I can even say stupid things ... about IM... so this is just my personal opinion of your site. And I am french so it may sound funny too :)

1-Make sure we see your own pic on your blog roll. It builds credibility
2-Put your privacy page link at the bottom widget of your page
3-Did you use keywords as per kyle and Jay specifications?
4-Did you share EVERY post on your social media network especially Google + as per Jay explications on his last friday night webinar
5-Jay's Friday night webinars are a HUGE PLUS to learn and improve your site on a weekly basic
6-Build solid CTA. Take your reader by hand !!!! Like, CLICK HERE to Get SO AND SO. I have seen CTA on your blog "too much polite" See some training about it on WA
7-And don't forget that it takes many articles to have a real solid ranking. As mush as 100 to 150 as per Kyle. And success will knock the door :)

AND trust yourself, you are a hard worker. I can see it on your blog and you have a good pen :)

Best Regards, Jeff
roamy Premium Plus
Thanks so much, really appreciate your time.I did not know my CTA are not convincing enough thanks.Will also check the other points you mentioned.
RobinHudson Premium
I think adding a picture with each post will help. People are very visual. My recommendation is to start there. Pixabay has free, professional pictures and could really spice up your site. I have a couple of other thoughts, but I would start there.
roamy Premium Plus
Thanks but as mentioned above, I'm not looking for website review or feedback for give and take, people tend to be polite there.What I need is someone to take time, look over my site and tell me exactly what is wrong.
I have over 20 website reviews in the give and take thread and no one mentions what I'm doing wrong but I know there is something wrong.
That`s why I'm asking for help.
dj-drea Premium
exactly why I never use the website feedback option
Rich908 Premium
I got some pretty honest feedback on my website at the feedback section. Most of the members were pretty accurate with their observations and some were brutally honest.I think the feedback section provides a valuable service for us to develop our website skills

I hope you get sorted