Here is my Pinterest feed. I am trying to follow other WA members pintest accounts and trying to get them to do the same for me.

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DaneQ1 Premium
i followed you . My link is posted on my profile as well/
JerryMcCoy Premium
Glad to help. My acct is on my profile.
Dave48 Premium
I just now typed in my pinterest lin into my profile under the conclusion of the profile/
JKulk1 Premium
Hi Dave. There are a number of threads available on WA where you can share your Pinterest link. Here's an old G+ one that is still used for other social media platforms. You can also place your link under the 'Follow Me' section of your profile page. I have followed your link. Mine is on my profile page. All the best . Jim
HildeRegine Premium
Do not put the link on your blog or in question it is not allowed. Put it under your profile.