Discussion - Hi all in WA world.

My question is this, When your network is getting larger there is a need to categorise friends into groups, much like circles in g+. I would like to put my network into friends, UK, USA etc, is there anyway we can do this. Also, can we see or scroll through our network to see everybody, I have had conversations with people and would like to hook up again by picture. Any clues?

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tommydillard Premium
Someone make a suggestion to Kyle or Carson and maybe it will come true for all of us
MikeyB Premium
Yes it would It would be a huge help
Eddie C Premium
That'll be a good feature to have.
TravelHacker Premium
Not sure if there is a way to do this yet, but would love to do the same...
skyhorse Premium
Good question. I'll have to pass this one on to someone else. I haven't found a way to do that, because I don't think there is a way yet. Although I have wanted to do the same thing.