If a person uses my link to an Amazon product, purchases said product and then chooses to use the link to FaceBook or other social media to 'tell the world they purchased this item'; are the others that click on the forwarded link still linked to my affiliate ID? Thank You

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RDoren Premium
Marlinda gave you the answer!
Marlinda1 Premium
Hey Healthful,

I'm going to try to explain and hope this makes sense.

You get credit for anyone who clicks on your affiliate link.

So if the person shares YOUR link and their friends click on your links on your page, you will get credit if they purchase.

Now if the person shares the item from Amazon, even though they purchased from you, you will not get the credit.

So as long as anyone is clicking your affiliate link on your page you will get the sale if they buy. If you share your affiliate link on social media (which amazon doesn't allow fyi but I'm just saying) and someone clicks on it then you will get the credit. Some companies allow this but some don't.

Hope that makes sense,
PatriciaWarf Premium
Thank You. very clear. I think I understand if someone sends their friends to MY page and they purchase, all is good. But
If the buying person uses the link Amazon sends them to share on FB what they purchased and another clicks there and buys, no value to my pocket.
Got it?
Thank You so much.
Amazon is my only affilaite market at the mement. Do you use WalMart? I found it confusing.
Marlinda1 Premium
Glad you understand :) No I don't use Walmart.

All the best :)