Hi everyone, I am just creating my very first landing page, I think its time but for some reason I have always found this part a bit confusing.

Do I set my landing page on my website OR do I create another domain name that the landing page is on? Also , do I send my visitors directly to buy product or to my review of the product on my site ?

Sorry for the questions, I really don't get it.

I have created one so far, but not published on my site. Before I publish I just wanted to make sure I am understanding correctly..

My landing page is a product page, focusing on a product that is changing the lives of women who are sick of wearing acrylic nails.

Would love some feedback if I may.

Thank you


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feigner Premium
can you not create a sub-domain to link to your main site?
marion did some training on this.
don't know whether google will like it but it creates a link to your main site - or give away a freeby and then for the thank you page link them to your main site.
for this type of page try to always give something
Rich908 Premium
Landing page is next on my list - something I am not sure how to do

All I did was type in landing page in the WA browser see if this helps

GitErDun Premium
I re-read the question. Your landing page is a static sales page, as I'm now understanding your description, I think. So, with that said, what I said before probably doesn't pertain here.

In your case, and if it's pertaining to the same niche as your blog/website, one suggestion is to add a static page (on your website menu) so it just shows as a page on it's own.

If you've got more than one product, each of them requiring their own landing page, you can create a "Recommendations" or "Recommended Products" parent menu item and list each landing page under that with their own product name (as a sub-menu to the parent Recommendations menu item).

Then use links in your review pages to take them to the product's landing page.
blubutterfly Premium
Awesome thank you for that idea...that is definitely something to think about :)
GitErDun Premium
Well, let's see if I can keep this simple... haha

Is your landing page just a small, short-worded "splash" page or is it an actual squeeze page (aka lead capture page) for use to collect, at a minimum, an email address so you can get them on your mailing list?

Basically, the landing page, in whatever form, is usually small and very fast loading, hopefully, no longer than above the fold (which is a newspaper term meaning what you see on the top half of the front page of a newspaper - the headline and tops of articles. In this case, it's what you see on your screen without having to scroll down.).

The landing page is used as an attention grabbing, interest raising teaser for the primary subject matter, usually the solution you're offering to a problem.

The landing page, when clicked on, takes one to the main 'sales' page, in whatever form that takes; usually being long enough to scroll down for 10 minutes without getting to the bottom of the page (just a bit of exaggeration about the amount of time... ;) haha)

I don't know if this will answer your specific question, but....

~ Mike
Ventures2000 Premium
Generally a landing page is a part of your site. It has a unique URL just as other pages have one. It is that URL you will be using to drive traffic to the landing page.

The landing page will not appear on any site directory and is not reached from your site. Only by clicking the url. Example. www.yoursite.com/landing page

Hope I got that right.
blubutterfly Premium
Okay so I do publish it on my site? But don't add to the menu? Just create links from other posts to it?
GitErDun Premium
You can do it either way; as I described, where it will always show and be able to be navigated to, or, the way Ventures2000 describes and make it a hidden page only accessible by clicking on an embedded, clickable link, like in the text of an article (your review, for example). It's entirely up to you.
blubutterfly Premium
Cool I think I like the idea of using it as a hidden page, might try that first and see how it goes. Thank you so much :)