On November 18 Jay did another awesome live broadcast on media schedules, etc. He offered a handout in google calendar format I think. Can anyone point me to the download location. I thought it was in Live training area. Thank You

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chrisbailey Premium
It's at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nscDEyzMOGozCB5trEnwd3GkdQMzi417xonwtIU6Lfg/edit

If that link doesn't work, you should be able to scroll down a little and see it in the chat on the right hand side of
PatriciaWarf Premium
I have it. The first link worked. I did use the other method too, as I am always wanting to know HOW something worked. LOL
I found the link posted within a comment by Jim-Bo. How did he find it to share? THANK YOU!!
Where did you find it to share with me?
Now I have written to Jay to ask permission to be able to save and use. It is read only on my end. Moving forward a step at a time!
chrisbailey Premium
I just stumble my way to wherever I need to be. :)

Eventually I went to Jay's profile, clicked on his training link and then went to View the Discussion under that training.

The image Jim-Bo screencaptured is different then the calendar but he snagged it during the live trainin.

You can make a copy of the calendar and save it to your Google Drive