I'd like a way for people to go from my site to my facebook fan page, also it would be good if there was a like button on my site that when clicked gives a like to my page. I currently have Super socializer plugin which just gives shares. Does anyone know how to do this?
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native33 Premium
Jason I use Ultimate Social Media Icons because I use multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. Its a really awesome plugin!
jasontw111 Premium
Thanks guys, I got it sorted, I got a plugin that even displays my recent facebook posts, check it out, it is on the sidebar http://bestbargainsmartphones.com/
nathanpall99 Premium
What are you using for this? - liked your page using it - seems to work well
Eriksen Premium
http://thechamplord.wordpress.com/ - Super Socializer is popular. It will let you do that amongst other things
footprints10 Premium
Just down load that one to my desk top, I will have a look later, thanks for the information.
davyrobot Premium
Asking them Jason is a good bet! :)
JasonOwens Premium
Facebook for Wordpress seems to be a popular plugin that has all the functionality you are looking for. That plugin hasn't been tested with my theme so I use Spider Facebook, which has an easy to use like button that you can embed on your site but doesn't have the auto post feature. It even gives you different styles of buttons you can use. As for the link back to your facebook, I don't know if there is a plugin for that. You could always use a text widget to place the link wherever you would like. Hope that helps. It seems like in the plugin world there aren't many that are one size fits all, so we have to kind of use trial and error. Let me know how you pan out.