Tonight when I checked my Analytics, I was surprised to see I got 400 visits today to a site I almost never add any content. It`s a site I started and have always thought of working on but time limitations and all that, I never really got to it though it do make sales now and then.
Now all the traffic is direct, all from the USA and all only checking the same landing page, not moving to another page or anything like that.
Now the site does get about 20-50 organic visits a day, has some articles but apart from that nothing much.
I don`t know if I`ve ever registered 100 visits a day on the site.That`s why I`m convinced this is out of place.
Now my question is, will it affect my site? can I be penalized? I don`t know where my question belongs so sorry if it`s in the wrong place

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Triblu Premium
Hey Roamy,

Is your website hosted on WA servers?

There have been several brute-force attacks launched today to any WordPress website that APPEARS to be no longer tended.

One of my client's sites has been attacked SOOOOoo many times that is is getting REALLY frustrating. I've collected over 40 unique IP addresses that have been used to attempt to gain access to the site, but 158 attempts... so far today.

Wherever your site is that saw 400 visits, chances are that site IS on the list of sites being attacked in hope of gaining access to it due to it appearing to have been deserted... so DO sign in and make sure ALL necessary updates have been done to your site so they will be less like to attack.

If it IS a site that is hosted on the WA servers, personally, I would be letting SiteSupport know of the 400 visits to that site you no longer add content to... just to be safe.

Hope you find this helpful.
roamy Premium Plus
Thanks for your input. I will check what happens today as I know there is just no way the site can even have 100 visits.
If the pattern repeats then I will talk to support.Really appreciate.
JeffreyBrown Premium
It sure sounds like that might be happening, Roamy! I want to hear other peoples' opinions!