I'll be setting up a contest on one of my sites for the purpose of gaining viewers and adding to my subscribers. The winner will have the most "likes" and comments on their submitted material (in this case, short stories, other prose). I used rafflecopter for a slightly different contest years ago but the research I've done indicates maybe rafflepress might be a better option at this time.

Have you used either (or Gleam or other?) I'd really like to hear the experiences of others who have used one or more.

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Francisco97 Premium Plus
I have not experienced it before, thanks for sharing, I will just check what is this.
DianeK59 Premium Plus
Yes, it's an interesting subject. Let me know what you find out, too. We can share information!
LMH1968 Premium Plus
I learned a lot from this question. Thank you 😊
DianeK59 Premium Plus
You are welcome! I'm still learning, too 🙂
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - I have only ever run competitions on Facebook, so can't directly answer your query.

However, if you are choosing a winner, by the number of likes etc, this can lead to a lot of unhappy entrants, as the results can easily be influenced by those who will advertise your competition elsewhere to get their friends and family to vote. Perhaps assigning a number to each entry and videoing the live draw would be preferable.

Plus, there are specific websites devoted to competitions, who trawl the internet constantly and will add your contest to their site. Thus, you may get a lot of entrants, but immediately the competition is over and the winner is announced, will unsubscribe. This is common practice among professional "compers".

If you are offering a physical prize, you also need to consider if you should impose geographical restrictions, as the postage costs may be very high.
DianeK59 Premium Plus
Yes, I've considered the possible trawlers and might tweak the contest after the first try.

I did the random drawing before. Rafflecopter made that pretty easy. This time I'd like to encourage a slightly different model but getting traffic to the site and also add people on. I'm still putting it together, so don't have everything ironed out perfectly as of yet.

No need to consider the physical prize as it's a cash payout. Other similar contests are paying to Paypal (winner will have to have PP to receive and that will be in the rules)

Thanks for your comments, Diane. Great insight!