Hi warm family WA! Are we allowed to use authentic, positive comments, concerning WA, by members here? Also providing a link and using this to promote WA?

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Loes Premium
Any kind of self-promotion on WA is not allowed. And when you are referring to the comment section on a website, it's not done to leave a promotion link in the comment itself.
You are allowed to mention WA in your comment, so the Website owner can attach her/his own link to it.

My comment section is shielded, and any comment with a link attached goes right into the spambox
Pernilla Premium
Hej Göran!

We should always ask the people who have made the comment if he/she allows us to use their comment.

Mostly everyone is happy if you like their comment and want to use it. But better always ask them by writing a PM first.

Ha en fin dag!
GoranBockman Premium
Tack Pernilla. Ha det gott.
akollor123 Premium
If I understand you correctly, yes it is quite alright to use positive comments to the product you know and believe in hence WA... Here is where to fetch your links to promote WA...
GoranBockman Premium
ElaineSmith1 Premium
I guess I'm not exactly sure what you are asking. Do you mean positive response from your blog post?