I want a lot of followers so I can have a good source of social media traffic to my blog. I mean I want about 60k followers in 4 months, twitter will shut me down if I follow/unfollow too fast. But if I spread it out over 10 accounts, will that be okay?

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JohnProbert1 Premium
New one on me following you on this one
JHaugland Premium
Why would you grow that fast?
Remember that there is a difference between followers and engagement. To have an engaged mass of Twitter followers you should also follow an equal amount of accounts.
Twitter har their own "SEO" for how to get your tweets shown and many followers alone is not the key.

I have tried both ways.
One account where I had around 10000 followers. 3 tweets per day gave me no traffic.

Then I tried a managed way of growing, where I followed and unfollowed tactically. Daily, I followed 100-150 accounts and unfollowed 50-100 accounts. That gave me a growth of about 1000 followers per month. With 3 scheduled tweets per day, that method gave me more traffic with fewer followers.

I user Crowdfire to manage follower tactics and find the best tweet times based on who my followers were.
iJared Premium
I’m confused as to how you build ONE LOYAL following?
MarionBlack Premium
Apart from breaking the rules you could end up with the same person 10 times if they follow you on each account instead of 10 different people.
MKearns Premium