What actually is the difference on following on WA and Google+.

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Armlemt Premium
I see someone beat me to the answer, which is good.

I will add that while Google+ is technically a social platform, it does gear more toward people in business as far as my experience has been. At the very least, it is not a bunch of people who are sharing every frustration they have during the day, and more people coming together over common interests. Be sure to join groups that are of interest to you, especially those that are in your niche. You can control your experience this way, too.

Best Wishes,

ChrisTowers Premium
The WA platform and Google Plus are completely separate platforms!

Following on WA is fine,... it gets you the information you need and you can meet a lot of people. We are all searching for our main goal and we are all here to help each other.

Google Plus is basically a social site... here you can post your latest additions from your website etc... I do not like to think of it as a social network ... but i guess it is!