Hi all, I suddenly received a lot of comments in my spam folder of both my websites. All of them are linked to a facebook profile. Some of the comments are somewhat related to my niche but it's not what I've mention in my post. How do I tell whether they are spam? Anyone of you ever receive comment like this before?
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BENJI89 Premium
Spam is always there to bug you so its great that the plugin can catch them.
JeanL Premium
Those are all spam. Just delete them.
suetay Premium
Yes, I do receive such comments.
Most of the time, I delete them permanently. Sometimes, I delete the Fb link and edit the comment if it's related to my contents.
mimosapudica Premium
oh, I didn't know that the link can be deleted. I'll try it, thanks!
cppeace Premium
I received a ton of those as well earlier yesterday and today. They are apparantly mostly spam. If they seem close enough to your content you can keep them but most should be deleted.