Every time it seems like Im making a few bucks from Amazon affiliate, later on theres a negative dollar sign indicating the customer returned an item. Currently made about 30 sales this year and 10 returns. seems high, is this normal?

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RAFStuart Premium
Not got to Amazon yet but it seems awfully high.
SantaFez Premium
Sound a bit odd in my opinion - I would check on the quality of the products you are selling - are the sellers reputable and have good rates?
Are you selling Amazon "choice" products and what are the customer reviews on these?
These are important points to consider when you promote Amazon products - in my opinion.
Good luck - Orion
GotGoods Premium
Ooo, great post.

As I understand it this is always a possibility. I am apart of the Amazon affiliate program & after reading the policy I decided that I will not count any deposit as a wage until the expiration date.

I wish you progress & success~
MAdkins2 Premium
I would imagine some but not necessarily that high rate with Amazon. I have personally seen knock-off versions of products packaged like the real deal in Amazon, so maybe not exactly unthinkable...