I was looking in my favorites and seen my Hubpages bookmark. I clicked on it and instantly logged in. I havent been in there for about 4 years at least. First thing I noticed is I have a payment coming to me. Thats kind of nice.

Anyways was wondering if anyone uses Hubpages? Is it still relevant? Can you link blogs in articles you write there?

Just curious if anyone knows anything about Hubpages any more?

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What are Hubpages?

Israel17 Premium
When I first started out online, Hubpages was one of the platforms I came across and earned from online. What I know about it is that it's been the most surviving of all the content management systems (CMS) online.

It provides ways to earn revenue through Google Adsense, Amazon, eBay affiliate partner network, Contera Ads, Hubpages earnings program, and all of that. And it keeps waxing stronger, though I've not been featuring there any longer, the reason being that I had to focus on my personal website and my WA blogs and training here at WA.

I'm so comfortable building my site along with building my WA blogs. Thanks for asking!
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What is hubpages?
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Hi Dale,
I have never heard of Hubpages.