Quora Profile to the list of websites/social media sites on my Profile Page?


I wouldn't be me if I didn't go into long-winded detail first, LOL (I will learn to just SHUT UP one day).


As our missing brother, soon to return after he's finished his IT nonsense (I never understand what he says to me, I love him, but I have no idea about the techie stuff of which he speaks), Chrystopher would say, "I get shouted at and Partha leaves one of his 1,000-word comments and gets all the glory".

Bless him, I miss him.

Anyway, I digress.

As many of you probably know, I love to research my niches via forums and Q&A sites.

In my honest opinion, it's the best.

You find REAL people in your niche asking REAL questions.

It doesn't get any better than that.

So, I have looked through ALL of the Quora training modules on WA.

While I honestly believe they are wonderful, I believe I have found something that is missing.

So, I would like to do my first ever training module (Yes, it's finally coming) on Quora.

Now, while I don't wish to "self-promote", I think it will be easier for everyone to see what I mean in "live action".

This means actually visiting my Quora profile to see what I am doing.

I am currently "building my reputation" on Quora and will do so for at least the next month.

I answer questions "blog-style".

There are images, videos, subheadings, etc.

However, I have also discovered a way to find out how many search engine visitors a question receives via the Quora Ads section.

Some questions receive over 10,000 views a week.

So, if you write the best answer, you can rank in Google for that answer, and get 1,000s of eyes to your "answer".

Thus, leading them to your brand, your website, etc.

As I say, I am currently "building reputation" on Quora, and I will continue doing so for at least another month.

So, no links to my site, no promotion, just the best answers they can possibly hope to find.

I use Canva for infographics, pie charts, images, etc.

However, when I finally publish my training (I'm guessing in the month of MAY sometime) I want you all to see exactly how I've done it, without a hint of self-promotion (obviously likes, shares, and comments are welcome from all at WA - I didn't say that, NO self-promotion, LOL).

So, anyway, Can I add my Quora links to my WA profile?

Thank you for reading and thank you for answering.


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CordeliaN Premium
For goodness sake Partha,
I had settled down with a cup of tea expecting the usual entertaining (in the style of Hans Christian Anderson) stories, only to find I had barely started my tea when the question was asked. ....😳
As you have been given the great responses, I shall just respond to your content and I am going to say great useful information, why I had’nt thought about Quora as a source of information indicates how much I still need to learn....I can't wait to watch the training,
Partha what's your actual name, what does Mother call you when your in trouble?
BaliJack Premium Plus
Thanks for putting your question out here. I am a daily Quora follower. The first stage aI presume. The next stage will be putting questions on Quora and the last one answering questions. I believe in the SEO effect of actively answering questions in fora and groups or giving opinions. It builds trust and authority. Just what we need to get free traffic.
Joezout Premium
I wonder just what is self-promotion, is not your profile itself self-promotion. Why have a follow me section at all if it was not for self-promotion? I think what it comes down to in WA is the difference between self-promotion and self profiteering. You are definitely not putting it out there to make a profit off your fellow WA members so my advice is absolutely go for it I am certain we would all love to read it.

JoeRebisz Premium
I like your idea Joe, but the rules state basically, that the only place you can promote yourself/articles is on your profile page, not in live chat or in WA blogs. That's the difference.
Joezout Premium
That is where he is talking about placing this is on his profile page. At least that is where I thought he was talking about.
JoeRebisz Premium
True and that's allowed. It should be listed in his 'follow me on' section.
Joezout Premium
That is exactly where I believe he is talking about and that is why everybody agreed with him.

Joezout Premium
You have to read the bottom of this question, he even states can I add this to my follow on my profile page. When I replied to him I was replying to him in this manner exactly so there was no reason to correct me. Please read his question and please read my responses in the future more thoroughly
feigner Premium
you could stick it in where one of your sites go
as you say at the start of your unusually short prose....i missed the middle bit out...well we only remember the start and the end anyway..so why read the middle bit....lol
but i don't see a problem.. but i'm not the boss...
ParthaB Premium

I feel I need to tell you off and Full Name you.

(you ALWAYS know you're in trouble when someone Full Name's you, PHILIP, lol).

I am basically honoured that you even read the title... never mind the first sentence.

I know you, and your lack of interest, LOL.

Cheers Phil.

Sound advice as always,

Much appreciated.

That's what I'm going to do.

feigner Premium
you will need to start putting in a table of contents soon ...and for your reaponses....or a tl:dr statement at the top...lol
it's not fair as we call you by your full name anyway...or at least as full as you give...and you spelt mine right with only one l...even my bank got it wrong....
apparently we are getting a facelift on the whole platform ( again) soon...no date set..but i bet it goes smoothly ...so be prepared and grab your user names and passwords for your sites...
ParthaB Premium

Noted Philip!!!

feigner Premium
what after giving that info i'm still in trouble....lol
maxmillion18 Premium
I would be very interested to see what you do with Quora.
I have almost accidentally started building a Quora profile because I answered 2 questions about something.
So I know it has potential but don't want to blow it, and I wasn't really ready to work on that right now.
I think I may do what you have advised, and post some short regular styled blog-type articles.
I'll be watching with interest. Thanks
ParthaB Premium
Thanks Michael,

I appreciate that.

I think what I'll do is build my Quora profile, as I've mentioned, for a month or so, then "secretly" add it to my profile before the training, LOL.